Merci à Carlo pour ta bonne humeur malgré les temps difficiles que nous avons vécus. Nous qui n'avions aucune expérience pour un achat d'une maison, tu nous a guidé tout au long du processus en apaisant nos craintes. Ta disponibilité, ton écoute, tes commentaires (parfois très drôle ;-) étaient grandement appréciée. Tu nous a trouvé la maison de nos rêves!!! Thank you for using your negotiation skills, even the other agent was freakin’ out on the deal you negotiated for us... thank you, thank you and thank you !!! Je vous souhaite que du succès dans votre profession.... le milieu a besoin des gens humains comme vous. Vous êtes une équipe extraordinaire, une équipe du tonnerre!! Merci encore Carlo et Marie-Eve

Nadia & Tony

Carlo provided us with exceptional service. He was able to reassure us throughout the process. Carlo and Marie-Eve are a great role model and Re/Max should be proud to have them as partners. Thank you, Carlo!

M. Carrière

Nous étions plus que satisfaits ! Son professionnalisme a été apprécié. Très chaleureux et attentionné à la fois. Nous l'avons déjà recommandé à nos cousins qui l'ont pris comme courtier. 5/5

Mrs Costanzo

Mr.Calabrese has demonstrated great professionalism and communication with me at all times. Bravo and thank you!

Mme Béliveau

We were fortunate to have a broker who listened and was incredibly kind. He was able to tell us the real story. Thank you & again Thank you! 5/5!

A. Desmarais & S. Audette

The services of Carlo and his wife Marie-Eve Pirri have proven to be the most relevant and professional I have experienced in the many transactions (10) I have made in my life.

Y. Bureau & H. Chaussegros de Léry

I loved working with Mr. Carlo Calabrese, he really knows his stuff and has a great presentation to the seller and the buyer. An exemplary work, I recommend him to all. Bravo for the service offered!

Guy & Lisette

I visited another property where Carlo was the seller, and I was very impressed with his attitude and approach, I offered him to sell my condo. A very good broker. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Dominique M.

The fact that I could confidently hand over my keys to my broker and not have to worry about showings when I lived far from the location was a real relief. I am very satisfied. 5/5!


I was very happy with the work, the support, the technical explanations as well as his listening.


In a nutshell our real estate broker was on the ball. Would do business anytime and we know we could count on him. Cheers Mr. Calabrese!


Mr. Carlo Calabrese has been there for us from the first day we met until we found a year and a half later. He has had so much patience and understanding that we cannot thank him enough. He showed brought us to all visits and was as honest as he can be. Very informative and knowledgeable of residential properties and the areas we have visited. I highly recommend him to all first time buyers.


Mr. Calabrese is very good with people. You quickly feel comfortable and confident. He is efficient, fast, concise and very knowledgeable. My entourage and I have no notion of the real estate business but Mr. Calabrese knew how to explain the industry and the "game" that revolves around it. He knows how to answer all the questions. I really enjoyed doing business with Mr. Calabrese. The next time I buy something, I know who I'm going to see. Thank you, Mr. Calabrese.


We first purchased a home with him, then contacted him to help sell our property. Carlo was very pro-active with his marketing. He was always well organized and well prepared when we had client visits. He made the process very pleasant and easy for us. We would definitely use him again if we were to sell our current proper.

Rosa Elena

Mr. Calabrese is a friendly and human person. We are very satisfied with the service. Good communication, listening and available. Mr. Calabrese has an excellent knowledge of real estate and building.

Diane G.

Hi, my property was for sale for 2 1/2 years before I met Carlo Calabrese. The brokers I met before didn't do anything special or stand out from the other brokers! I have already recommended Carlo to others and will continue to do so when asked if I know an agent! His service is second to none! Thank you Carlo!


Very satisfied with the service obtained. Very professional in his approach. He gave us good advice and was aware of the special procedures concerning our situation. I recommend him without hesitation.

R. Costanzo