You put your house up for sale through a real estate broker a while back. Unfortunately, it appears that you haven’t found a serious buyer. Several factors may explain this situation :

  1. The price : Asking for a fair price is crucial!

    What we offer : A comparative analysis of recent sales and a comprehensive review of the housing market in your area. Thus, you get an accurate picture of the market in your area.

  2. Market strategy : Make sure you get value for your money!

    What we offer : Give yourself the chance to do business with real estate professionals who can demonstrate their skills, understanding and professionalism through a complete marketing plan. We are confident that we can find a serious and qualified buyer for your property, thanks to our dynamic, efficient and proven marketing strategy, which includes :

    • A solid and regular presence in printed and online media ensuring maximum visibility for potential buyers

      Advertisement in local newspapers and daily newspapers (Journal de Montréal, La Presse) and on the app La Presse+

    • Increased visibility = more interested clients

      Presence on over 12 real estate websites including,, our website, my personal website and a strong presence on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)

    • The Tranquilli-T program :

      Our free and exclusive protection support the owners until the conclusion of the transaction and protects him in case of a delay in the signature of the deed of sale or in case of withdrawal.

    • An HDR photoshoot

      Completed by a professional including a virtual tour of your property.

    • A personalized brochure

      of your property, which not only provides all the information needed for a potential buyer, but also shows your property at its best.

    • Complete follow-up :

      We offer you a thorough follow up after each visit with a complete report detailing received calls, visitor’s comments, website traffic and a copy of your advertisements.

  3. Choice of broker Trust in your broker is vital!

    What I offer: Selling your property is our priority. It is important to do business with real estate professionals you can trust, a team who will offer you a high level of service and protect your interests while maximizing the selling price.
    If you are still interested in selling your property, please feel free to contact us to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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