You listed your home for sale with a real estate broker some time ago. However, it appears that you have not found a buyer. Many factors may be behind this:

  1. Price: Pricing your home right is crucial!

    What we can offer you: We propose a comparative analysis of recent sales as well as a detailed review of the real estate market in your area. This will tell us exactly what is happening in the market around you.

  2. Marketing strategy: Make sure you are getting your money’s worth!

    What we can offer you: Let a team of professional, qualified brokers with an understanding of the industry put together a complete marketing plan for you. We are confident that we can find a serious, qualified buyer based on our expertise and our dynamic and effective marketing strategy, which will give your home greater exposure and therefore generate more interest:

    • A digital media presence, direct mail marketing and an effective ad campaign on Google guarantee more potential clients: Advertising in the real estate section of the LA PRESSE+ app, targeted Canada Post AdMail in your area and purchase of Google AdWords.

    • More exposure = more interested buyers: Presence on more than 12 real estate websites, such as,, our website ( and my personal website (, as well as a strong and active presence on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    • Tranquilli-T and Securi-T programs: Free, exclusive programs that protect owners until the sale closes and buyers for the first year of ownership

    • HDRI photoshoot: Photos taken by a professional, including a virtual tour of your home.

    • A personalized brochure of your home, which in addition to providing all the details a prospective buyer might need, will also showcase your home in its best light.

    • Thorough follow-up: We give you a breakdown of every visit and provide you with a report detailing the enquiries received, visitor feedback and traffic on various websites, as well as a copy of your listing and ads.

  3. Choice of broker: You have to have trust in your broker!


    What we can offer you: Selling your home is our priority. It is important for you to work with a team of brokers you trust that will provide you with first-rate service and will protect your interest while getting top dollar for your home.

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