Sold without legal warranty of quality, at the buyer's own risks.

Vast multi-storey house offering many possibilities:

- 5 bedrooms including one with bathroom.
- 3 full bathrooms completely renovated.
- Immense living room and dining room ideal for receptions.
- Large kitchen with quartz countertops.
- Above ground pool and treated wood patio.
- Lots of storage in the basement.

List of last year's renovations according to the owner:

- New roof Oct. 2017.
- Replacement of doors and windows on the first floor.
- Front facade redone in aggregate and brick.
- 2 bathrooms renovated on second floor.
- Replacement of hardwood floor and ceramic tiles on first 
and second floors.
- Installation of new French drain and Delta membrane 
around the foundation.
- New balcony in treated wood.
- Replacement of luminaires, spotlights, electric heaters 
and drywall on first floor.
- Laminate flooring in basement.

** The following property is sold without legal guarantee. 
At the buyer's risk. **

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