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Many improvements to the property in the past years:

2014: Brick repair (invoice available)

2014: Roof repair (cleaning of flashing, change of two 
goosenecks and gravel asphalt). Invoice available.

2014: Replacement of 2 exterior doors at the front of the 
property. Invoice available.

2017: Replacement of fuse panels by breaker panels. Invoice 

2017: Conversion of the gas heating system to an electric 
heating system for the 3 apartments. Invoice available.

2017:New water heater tank on the ground floor. Invoice 

2018: Electricity:verification of outlets and switches of 
all 3 apartments (aluminum wires). Invoice available.

2018: Repair of exterior concrete stairs and wall in front 
of the property.

The property is very well located, most of services are 
near the residence.

Close to public transit and near the Saint-Léonard - 
Montréal-Nord train station.

You can find many shops near the property (Place Bourassa, 
grocery stores, pharmacies), many parks and many schools 
(elementary, high school and Cegep).

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